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Consulting services of OSTCONSULT the export/import business between Ukraine and Germany

Our consulting group specializes in services for companies at home and abroad wishing to do business between EC-countries, especially Germany with the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), especially Russia and the Ukraine (UA). 
This involves drawing up a custom-tailored strategy and giving extensive assistance in initiating transactions and tapping new markets.

Export consulting
Here we will assess the potential market for your goods/services and assist you with
– gathering foreign trade information
– building a sales organization
– export marketing
– applications for export licenses
– preparing contracts
– financing and obtaining government grants
– insurance/guaranty problems
– regulations on documentation/custom/foreign trade
– transport problems
– tax treatment/licensing/subcontracting
– finding products which sell on Western markets/marketing buy-back-goods

Export services
Here we will give concrete support toward initiating/expanding your foreign trade activity, particulary in the above-mentioned fields. We will also help you with preparing trips to other countries, taking part in exhibitions there and doing the follow-up work.

Export market surveys
These analyse and forecast the development of specific markets for your company, complete with information on access and tapping new markets.

Import consulting 
This mainly assesses the prospects for importing products and services including
– gathering information on exporting countries/exporters/goods
– advising West European partners on handling exports to Ukraine                               
– advising Ukrainian partners on handling exports to Germany                                             
– solving legal aspects of export/import deals
– consulting on transport/logistic aspects
– preparation of contracts
– documentation/customs/foreign trade regulations

Establishing joint ventures
Here we specialized in the following services
– identifying market conditions for your product/service
– consulting on basic legal/tax conditions for setting up joint ventures
– finding partners in Germany and EC
– finding partners in Russia, Ukraine and other CIS-countries
– preparing contracts
– financing/assistance in obtaining public funds
– tax treatment/licensing/subcontracting
– buying capital goods/supplies in the country to make the product
– advising joint ventures on selling goods/services in the domestic market